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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bill Clinton Makes a Pretty Good Move

Former President Bill Clinton is now trumpeting the consumption of whole foods while obesity czar Michelle Obama sits idly by with a vastly inferior message. In this video President Clinton discusses his dietary changes of late with Wolf Blitzer, of CNN's Manipulation Room, which have resulted in weight loss and a visible improved appearance of the president. He has cut out most all meats, which has a downside, but his upside changes are excellent. President Clinton has two stents in his coronary arteries and clearly recognized the need to do more if he didn't want his heart condition to deteriorate further.

Vegans can expect a shortage in Coenzyme Q10, zinc and B12. While whey protein is good and may enhance immunity, a little meat is probably good. If it's from a grass-fed source there's a better balance of fat in the meat. Fish is probably good too although with farm-raised fish taking over the industry and mercury being a notorious contaminant who knows what benefit fish is providing nowadays.

Personally, my heart health advice is one of lots of whole foods as President Clinton suggests. Stick with the meat, chicken and fish in modest portions so you don't go to bed crying for having fond memories of such. Consider adding the following supplements in this order, costs permitting, and in the absence of personal physician objections and any contraindications or warnings-- Vitamin D3 (achieve a level of 50 ng/ml), Vitamin K2 (menaquinone), DHA/EPA (fish oil--molecularly distilled), Cataplex B, Cataplex G, a source of iodine/iodide (e.g. kelp powder, MinTran), Coenyme Q10 or preferably ubiquinol and coconut oil. Maintain a good vital capacity. Cheers.

For more detailed information on some of the above supplements click here.

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