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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Autism and MMR Vaccine Still Getting Press

You don't have to know much science or be a Rhodes Scholar to realize the press is lying about the vaccine-autism connection. They mostly report there's no connection. British reporter Brian Deer recently ran an article that accused Dr. Andrew Wakefield of orchestrating an elaborate fraud in a 1998 study suggesting autism, gut disease and the MMR vaccine may be related. Here's one typical story one will find when using google news search.

Then the editor of NaturalNews.com runs a story laying out evidence that Wakefield's attack dog Brian Deer is the liar and the press swallows its collective tongue. Here's NaturalNews' Mike Adam's article here. Why run wild with one reporter's story and ignore the counter argument from the other reporter? Surely the vast majority of reporters didn't vet the source material but rather just ran with it.

Just this week a team of Wake Forest physicians revealed in their on-going study of 275 children with regressive autism and bowel disease that 70 of the 82 kids tested so far were positive for measles virus--of the vaccine strain--not the wild strain, in their respective guts. Read the team leader Dr. Stephen Walker's comments about the study here.

If all these writers would stop reporting Wakefield's study having "harmed children" and acknowledge his findings are being corroborated by other scientists then maybe parents could make a more informed decision about the MMR vaccine. Delay it? Single out the antigens? Skip it?

In fairness to these writers, many of them likely have guns to to their heads so the makers of vaccines will still spill advertisement dollars into their boss's pockets. It's difficult for some people to report the truth when it impacts their ability to accrue dinero.

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