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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swine Flu Pandemic Declared Over

Head of the Who Margaret Chan (not Roger Daltrey) finally declared the swine flu pandemic over. About 18,500 people allegedly died from it and many of those were low in their Vitamin D level and had other concomitant medical ailments. So many Americans went unvaccinated it's reasonable to believe the vaccine had little benefit and billions of dollars were wasted because central planners have more guns than the little people do. So many people in ill health survived the "pandemic" one can conclude that if the vaccine spared it anyone it came at the cost of millions per case. And how many of those that died would not have died had they received the vaccine? Maybe a handful.

So the fear mongers will be back in the news in a couple of months extolling the wonders of H1N1 vaccine. Celebrities without a recent hit movie will be paid a few thousand bucks to be in H1N1 vaccine commercials.

Personally, I'll knock down a good probiotic and get my Vitamin D level to about 50 ng/ml.

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