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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Swine Flu, Where Art Thou?

The CDC is reporting that the prevalence of swine flu infection started really falling off here in the states in October. As one will recall, the H1N1 vaccine was not readily available then so the fall off in swiney occurred apart from the vaccine. This attests to the drop off in the virulency of the virus itself, and to a much lesser degree, to whatever measures we've taken to protect ourselves either naturally or vaccinatingly.

It would be interesting for data to be collected/reported on the infection rate in the vaccinated versus unvaccinated population in November and the first two weeks of December so people could educate themselves before getting the vaccine in early 2010. This represents good science though so it's not likely to be a top story any time soon.

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Vitamin A and D... Working Together

Vitamins A and D tend to balance one another, much like progesterone and estrogen work together. There's an avalanche of good studies coming out about the benefits afforded by Vitamin D but not as much on Vitamin A. Too much Vitamin A can undermine the benefits of Vitamin D. Apart from any Vitamin A deficiencies or known need for extra Vitamin A, if you take a multivitamin look for one that contains no more than 1000 units of preformed Vitamin A. Any more of this vitamin might work against whatever Vitamin D you make (UVB ray exposure) or ingest (food and supplements). If your Vitamin A label incorporates beta carotene, a Vitamin A precursor, then you don't need to count that against the Vitamin A content as it's not a concern in larger doses.

Cod liver oil contains Vitamin A and D. Look for one with a low ratio of Vitamin A: Vitamin D. Carlson's brand has a good ratio. If your cod liver oil has a higher ratio of Vit A:D consider switching to Carlson's brand or over to regular fish oil (molecularly distilled) or Neptune Krill Oil (a superior Omega-3 fat).

Disclaimer: I do not have stock in Carlson's cod liver oil or its parent company. This information is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, manage or cure disease. Seek out a personal licensed physician to manage all health-related matters.

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Transgender Saint

The Tampa Tribune is in lock step with other media outlets in pandering to most all minority groups to increase its revenue. Today in the religious section they ran this story about a transgendered woman (former man), an "angel," who feeds the homeless in downtown Tampa. They threw in a few baseless quotes from her priest to help justify her decision to alter her appearance.

This piece is a classic example of justifying sin through good works, much like Tiger Woods' decision to engage in infidelity while concurrently running charitable works. God saved Zacchaeus through salvation in Jesus Christ (Luke 19), not because be gave half of his possessions to the poor, but because he repented of his sin and placed his faith in the person and atoning work of Jesus Christ.

While the homeless in Tampa and partakers of Tiger's benevolence benefit in the short-term, the long-term consequences of their "other decisions" may wreak more havoc, creating more problems than they solve.

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Carbon Dioxide is Killing Us?

0.038% of the earth's atmosphere is carbon dioxide (CO2). So if the carbon dioxide concentration has gone from 280 ppm to 380 ppm over the last 150 years that means the percent change (as in a percent of the earth's total atmospheric gas content) has been largely negligible.

The hysteria over the "rise in CO2" and it's implication in global warming is unproven. This is the same maipulative tactics used by drug companies when pushing cholesterol lowering statins. They most always cite relative risk statistics instead of absolute risk statistics. The latter are more relative to the statins and as one would suspect, they suggest maybe 1 out of 80 people will benefit from taking them. The other 79 people will take a statin for a lifetime and not achieve a benfit. This is a statistic worth warming up to.

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