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Friday, July 24, 2009

Creation and Health Care

Man is the only being outside of God Himself with a creative nature. Animals, plants and amoebas don't create but merely take in their surroundings. Whereas we were created in the Creator's image it's not surprising we create. Art, music, sculptures, stories, movies, clothing, dwellings, devices--we're dripping with a creative aspect to our lives. Because we create we resist, and rightfully so, those things that seek to block our creative efforts.

Creation is inextricably linked to our mandate to accumulate property for the purposes of building and expanding God's kingdom. This is not a mandate to hoard nor is it to suggest God's heavenly kingdom is secondary. For mankind to create it's very often necessary to grow capital (property) simultaneously to support and further his/her creative work.

With respect to healthcare, there's inevitable blowback built into this business model as those who's creative outlet is within that industry counter assaults on wealth creation with actions that result in what the recipients might find abrasive (e.g. long lines, rationing, escalating prices). An assault on personal property stifles one's ability to create. One cannot fulfill their calling with peace of mind to subdue the earth when others without sufficient knowlege or a vested interest in your success, inject themselves into your affairs against your will.

Healthcare is not a right but a blessing. The shortcomings in the system now are symptomatic of incremental and growing interference. To further the micromanagement as a supposed fix is incompatible with the creative nature of man, who was created to live in the light of His calling. When his ability to earn and save is undermined so is his ability to create. Man cannot serve God and mammon. Once a health care professional crosses over into holding onto a career because of the mammon it's expected God will reorient that person's thinking.

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Job Applications

Your average conscionable person truthfully lists his previous addresses when filling out paperwork associated with applications of various sorts. Several lawsuits have been brought against Barack Obama to produce the long form of his birth certificate proving he's a natural citizen (as opposed to say, oh, a Kenyan). With lawsuits and attorney fees involved in a matter that is potentially so easy to have dismissed, it's reasonable to conclude fire accompanies the smoke. Barack's entourage can squash these allegations by morning if he's really a native of the Aloha state.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Manipulation Care -- For Our Health

Things not heard in the universal health care coverage "debate"--

The constitutionality or lack thereof.

How important it is to not focus on a handful of cherry-picked hardship cases and use that as proof this "reform" bill needs to be passed.

Reports on the medicines withheld from patients in the U.K. due to high cost.

Reports on hemodialysis patients in the U.K. being dialyzed twice a week instead of three times due to that third session not being in the budget.

The annual cost of Medicare fraud in $60 billion. How much more fraud would there be under the U.S. health care plan?

Medicare expenses are astronomical partly because the FED prints fiat money and manipulates interest rates and causes inflation and currency debasement in the process.

Emergeny room and hospital workers are required by law to treat habitual profane, abusive, threatening, manipulative drug seekers and other abusers of the system.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Human Behavior and Health Care

Obamacare ostensibly is to provide increased access to physicians, hositals, clinics, services, etc. for more people so more Americans will feel better. Let's leave illegal aliens out of the equation for now. Austrian economist Peter Schiff's article aptly factors in the human element side of the equation that the media "experts" will not play up.

Compared to the track record of the US federal government, the theft of ponzi scheme artist Bernie Madoff is but a flea bite (no offense to fleas, who do comport themselves well in large numbers). If Obamacare gets enacted the hoped for result will escape the hopeful. Congresspeople themselves will still have rapid access to the best in the health business but you will compete with hundreds of millions to get a few moments with a health care team not of your choice.

Peter Schiff was one of the few economists who predicted the housing market meltdown back when "experts" were promoting home buying and a higher DOW. Youtube chronicles some of his appearances on various networks.

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The Death of American Tennis?

I've driven past at least 40 or 50 tennis courts at various resorts on Sanibel Island the past two days. I haven't seen one of them being used. The weather has been favorable too. With the progressive death of the housewife over the past 30 years or so the booming industry of summer camps has become an American staple. Tennis is too costly and too labor intensive for summer camps. If a camp had 8 courts and 50 kids how much tennis could one kid get in anyways? (The advent of the internet and video games certainly factor in here too).

If tennis was a rich man's sport in the past it's even more so now. The future Andy Roddicks will come out of professional and costly tennis factories not from the local neighborhood public courts.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Your local ICU has four beds. In room #1 is Debbie, a kidney cancer patient with no insurance. While hopitalized for dialysis she came down with a nasty blood infection and is now struggling to live. She's being given a host of IV medications barely keeping her blood pressure above 50/32, and several IV antibiotics to kill off the bacteria that have overwhelmed her body.

Moving on to room #2 is Jack. Jack, 31, escaped from jail about a year ago and got back on the coke train. Last month he went nuts at a party and loaded himself up with heroin, cocaine, Jack Daniels, Xanax and Thorazine before stealing a SUV and driving it into a school bus at 105mph, killing seven six graders in the process. Jack suffered a collapse lung, a fractured pelvis, a ruptured spleen, a broken tibia and fibula in the left leg and a broken collar bone. He has no insurance and has been in room #2 for 18 days and counting. He can't go to a nursing home because he's on a ventilator and nobody has a vacancy for a patient on a ventilator. Prior to this admission he had 47 visits to the emergency room and was known by the staff "off the record" as a "drug seeker."

Room #3. Betty, 40, uninsured, has been HIV+ for 15 years having been deeply involved in IV drug abuse while a prostitute. She weighs 98 lbs and is 5'-8". She tested positive for tuberculosis on this most recent admission and has come down with a highly resistant case of pneumonia. Last week she suffered a small stroke and has a blood clot in her lung. Last night she had an anaphylactic reaction to a new antibiotic and had to be intubated and put on a ventilator. Her doctor has started her on total parenteral nutrition through a central IV catheter. Her three small children are in the care of the county. Her husband was murdered years ago in a gang-related incident.

Room #4 is vacant. Michelle Obama was shot at an appearance at a local mall. In the emergency room the doctors x-rayed her right shoulder and there's no evidence of a bullet or fragments. The P.A. gives her 12 stitches and admits her to ICU overnight for observation. Her blood pressure is 138/74. Her pulse is 82. Her temperature is normal as is her bloodwork.

30 minutes after Michelle Obama is admitted to room #4, Jack, 66, is brought to the emergency room by EMS. He's carried insurance his whole life and is self-employed. His two adult children own and operate successful small businesses. While at home Jack accidentally shoots himself cleaning his favorite hunting rifle. The bullet grazes his liver and collapses his left lung. The emergency room physician controls the bleeding, inserts a chest tube, stabilizes Jack and orders him to be transferred by EMS to a nearby hospital with available ICU beds. While in route the ambulance is hit by an 18-wheeler, killing Jack and both paramedics instantly.

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Sen. Mark Sanford's Body

What do adultery and abortion have in common? Among other things they're both acts that involve a body. When a woman has an abortion it's often under the guise of making a decision based on having a right to one's own body. Abortion advocates often get riled when others "tell" them what to do with their own body.

Sen. Mark Sanford admitted to an affair with a woman from Argentina. He made a decision about how to use his body when having this liason(s).

Let me pause for a moment to prevent hysteria. The point to be made is the right to one's own body is not truly about reserving the right to use one's own body as one sees fit, but to coin a mantra that is specifically reserved to justify, defend and promote the act of abortion. And now back to our regularly scheduled post.

When you google "+abortion +'right to your own body'" you get 3,270,000 hits. When you google "+adultery +'right to your own body'" you get ..... nine hits, as in one less than ten. Does it seem like there's a chance there's a lot of parroting going on here?

If the phrase "right to your own body" were about, well, the rights of a body, there would be equal application to the body and its involvement in the act of adultery. Where are the defenders of the rights of own's own body in the case of Sen. Sanford? How come when you google "+Sanford +'right to your own body'" you only get six hits, as in four less than ten?

Nobody care's about defending Sanford's use of his body because it does nothing to advance the cause of abortion. Sanford is all alone in his problem and he'll not waste efforts to garner the support of body use defenders for this reason. Sanford exercised his right to choose and now he's in big trouble on multiple fronts.

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America: After the Empire

That would be a good book title for a look back at the wackiness Americans endured as the American empire gave way to whatever comes next. With the Fourth of July upon us Americans will be out in large numbers ostensibly celebrating its freedom. Ironically Americans have been steadily giving up its freedoms in incremental fashion for decades. That's just one wacky thing.

Mandating employers post signs that read "Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work" is another. Initialing a chart that a bathroom has been cleaned makes the list. Of course there's giving newborns the Hepatitis B vaccine in case they grow up to be a needle-sharing, IV drug user or a prostitute. Centralized banking and the use of fiat money is another favorite. Busing childern light years from their home to go to school is a hoot. Genetically modifed food. Mercury as a preservative and cavity filler. Fluoride to prevent cavities while loading grocery stores with sugar-laced foods. Global warming. Global cooling. Airport screenings. Allowing 99ml of shampoo as a carry-on but not 101ml. Nonfermented soy as a healthy protein.

Let's stop now before somebody steals my idea.

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