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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

TMZ, FOX News and CNN are reporting Michael Jackson has died. TMZ beat the other two to the punch by about 15 minutes. The initial reports were of cardiac arrest.

I imagine when the paramedics got to his side, if he wasn't already dead, he was either in asystole ("flat lining"), pulseless ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation. The latter two problems respond best, if they respond at all, to defibrillation (which the paramedics could administer in Jackson's house). Defibrillation being when they shock you with the two paddles hooked up to the machine. If he was flat lining (asystole) then he was a candidate for epinephrine or vasopressin injection(s), and atropine, but not a candidate for defibrillation. It would be surprising if Jackson's EKG "rhythm" was something other than one of these aforementioned three. The first meaningful question for a reporter would be, "what was his initial rhythm on EKG?" With that little bit of information the medical experts can give a fairly decent scenario of what happened in Jackson's house, during the ambulance ride, and in the trauma room. If one of these three rhythms were indeed central to the story the possible causes are more varied and too numerous to make confident conjectures.

The influence of the MTV video "Beat It" was monumental on video and dance. Thriller built upon what Beat It started. Too bad the King of Pop popped, in numerous ways.

Oh yeah, Farrah died today too. Two showbiz icons in one day. A sad day.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day and the Multitude of Fathers

With an 85-year-old father every holiday seems to take on more significance as time has a way of reminding us our lives are brief, even the long ones. Tonight was my night with Dad [and Mom :-)] at Carrabba's for a Father's Day celebration a day ahead of schedule.

With a 25-year-old daughter on one end, an 85-year-old on the other, and a heavenly Father besides, the father-dynamics are quite varied and interesting to ponder. One example is how well we remember our fathering yet how little we know in comparison of what the experience was like for our own father. My father is a good father. With me being 50 years old his tougher rearing days are well behind him. My 25-year-old can rate me on the net too, if she desires (I didn't get her until age 6 so I have a huge disclaimer in my hip pocket if necessary).

Then there's other sons and daughters with estranged fathers, deceased fathers, missing fathers, absent fathers, wayward fathers, embarrasses-me fathers, mean fathers, abusive fathers, unrepentant fathers, weak fathers, Alzheimer fathers... the list goes on. Of all these father types it's good to know that God the Father is loving, available and incapable of disappointing. And with the best of earthly fathers still slipping into unflattering categories from time to time it's good to know we can all access the perfect Father (on His terms of course).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Iranian Elections Go Haywire

Dear Iranian Superviser of Elections,

Our records indicate your professional license is about to expire. Please contact our offices to register your continuing education credits and to renew your license for the upcoming decade.


Election Supervisor
Operations Department
Chicago, IL

P.S. Please check here ___ if you would like to contribute $2 to ACORN.

CoQ-10 gets better

Many people on statins (i.e. Zocor, Lipitor, Mevacor, Crestor, Pravachol, etc.) often suffer from muscle pain, and there's evidence the heart and brain suffer as well albeit more subtlely (unless it's Transient Global Amnesia that gets you). CoQ-10 supplementation helps alleviate the statin-induced muscle pain, probably because it helps boost ATP production in mitochondria.

A reduced form of CoQ-10 has become recently available and it's far superior to "regular" CoQ-10. If it says "ubiquinol" on the label that's the one you want. It is reported to achieve blood levels 8X higher than that achieved with garden variety CoQ-10. You'll likely only find it on-line or in a good health food store. If you're on CoQ-10 consider changing over to ubiquinol. And take it with a meal or with some sort of fat--might I suggest as a fat source coconut oil or a good Omega-3. The dose? Probably 50-100mg daily will work.

This post is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, manage or cure disease. Discuss all of your health concerns with a qualified physician.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine Coming!

Mainstream media are reporting that a vaccine against swine flu (H1N1) should be ready for the fall vaccination season. As usual the vaccine will not have gone through trials because "there's no time to test it." That's true but it's also another point to consider when deciding whether or not the vaccine is worth the risk. The CDC will berate you if you refuse it because "you'll increase the danger to the sicker ones around you" if you play the "I'm in good health" card, and opt not to submit to vaccination.

Consider the numbers game. Every year the CDC reports 36,000 people will die from the flu. In reality the flu kills only a few hundred to a couple of thousand each year. Many more die from pneumonia or flu with pneumonia operating together. (CDC statistics available upon request).

To date, there have been 28,774 cases of swine flu reported worldwide with this latest outbreak. With a world population of 6,786,073,000 that means 0.00000042% of the world has contracted the swine flu. Stated differently, there's one reported case per 2,380,952 people. Swine flu death is just 0.8% of that! You're more likely to die from drinking water than you are from swine flu.

The CDC will likely spend millions of dollars promoting the swine flu vaccine. Is it worth the risk of suffering adverse effects from the excipients, the killed off viral products in the vaccine, or the unknowns per lack of testing, to roll up one's sleeve? Add to that the uncertainty of efficacy.
If the CDC, World Health Organization and the FDA were shut down tomorrow the world be a safer place by the day after tomorrow.

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We Probably Need More Iodine

Guy Abraham, MD and a couple other physicians started the Iodine Project in 1997, to test the hypothesis that Americans have a significant and widespread deficiency in body iodide and iodine stores, resulting in inferior health status. Donald Miller's article-- "Iodine for Health" --is a more readable summary on the benefits of iodine if Abraham's article is too techy, which it often is. The project findings thus far are pleasantly significant and numerous. If you have brain fog, heart arrhythmias, fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, polycystic ovaries, menopausal symptoms, thyroid issues, skin issues, COPD, constipation, salivary gland stones, or perhaps some other ailment, iodide/iodine supplementation may be of help.

If you embark on boosting your iodine intake you'll undoubtedly be investigating on-line products such as Lugol's solution, SSKI (super saturated potassium iodide), kelp, Iodoral, Prolamine, and other iodine-containing supplements. If you are taking amiodarone you need physician-assistance as amiodarone is a drug loaded with iodine and problems can result if you take both supplementation and the drug concurrently. As Miller points out, iodine supplementation is recommended to be done concomitantly with magnesium, selenium and Omega-3 (DHA/EPA) fatty acids. A couple of Brazil nuts are chock full of selenium. Carlson's, Nordic and Life Extension make high quality omega-3 products (i.e. fish oil).

This posted information is for entertainment purposes only. Consult a physician for personal matters as they relate to your health and well-being. This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat disease.

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