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Friday, October 09, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine - For and Against Arguments

Against: We once heard cigarettes were safe. We had to hunker down for the onslaught of Bird flu, SARS and the Swine Flu of 1976. Now it's Swine Flu (H1N1) of '09. The virus has shown itself to be mild compared to seasonal flu. It's ability to kill is weak. It's presence in summer and early fall is unusual which raises some concern. To date it hasn't mutated which means there's no expectation for it to become more lethal than it is at present.

There are tens of thousands of mothers claiming their children are "vaccine victims" in some way--autistic children, autoimmune diseases, juvenile-onset diabetics, pediatric cancers, asthma, leaky gut syndrome and more. The FDA doesn't believe them. Are they all liars? Is it a conspiracy? There's not nearly the outrage over the adverse effects of other classes of drugs used in the pediatric population--antibiotics, pain killers, bronchodilators, antihistamines, etc. What is it about vaccines? Adverse reactions with vaccines don't necessarily occur within a few days many contend. With the FDA not acknowledging alleged problems beyond that time window the vaccine makers are able to report its laundry list of adverse effects to the FDA and gain approval for their "safe" products.

The adjuvants. Adjuvants (e.g. MF59, ASO3, aluminum) are things that boost the immune response in the body enabling each dose of vaccine to contain a lesser quantity of killed virus. With H1N1 some makers of the vaccine are using adjuvants in their trials yet the CDC is reporting the vaccine to be supplied to the US will be adjuvant-free. Do we believe them? With such a strong association being reported between Gulf War Syndrome and adjuvant inclusion in the anthrax vaccine one would want to be sure any H1N1 was really adjuvant-free. Google squalene (an adjuvant) and vaccines and you'll find plenty of interesting material to read.

The natural immunity argument. When the swine flu death count (US) was at 36 it was noted about 2/3 of those deaths were in children with conditions that carried an inherent risk of low Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has a powerful role in boosting natural immunity and it's likely more than half of Americans have suboptimal levels of this critical vitamin.

And now, as the defense prepares to present it's case, please note their argument will include the "virulent mutation argument." When that happens I refer you to this counter argument made by Vincent Racaniello. It's all speculative on their part. No further comments, your honor, and I use the term loosely.

For: Your honor I call to the stand, Johnny Q. Vaccine. If the wolf crying is over then this swine flu could become lethal if it mutates into a more formidable form. It's better to risk the alleged adverse effects and get vaccinated, especially when you realize the killer epidemic of 1918 took about a year before it slaughtered hundreds of thousands. The CDC is reporting the vaccines will be adjuvant-free so the risk is reduced considerably. You hear a lot about Guillain Barre (paralysis, death maybe) but the frequency is way too remote to warrant concern. Dr John Cannell, executive director of the Vitamin D Council, says he will maintain normalized Vitamin D blood levels, and get the Swine Flu vaccine to be extra safe. His research into the epidemic of 1918 makes him believe natural immunity may not be enough if this current H1N1 bug becomes lethal. Rather than summarize his lengthy opinion go to this link and read about it yourself. His insight into what happened back in 1918 is interesting and enlightening.

So there you have it--the prosecution and the defense. The court has heard all the arguments it wishes to entertain. The jury is in deliberation. The vaccines will be trickling in soon and the media will let you know it early and often.

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