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Monday, September 07, 2009

Barack to Children, Barack to Children

"Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone." - Pink Floyd

I suspect the percentage of kids ever influenced by a national-stage politician in a way to produce covenantal living and thinking is infinitesmally minute. Barack's political savvy is such that he will certainly give a boiler plate speech tailored to children so that any cookie baking homemaker would be proud to hear. Barack's political savvy is such that he knows classrooms are filled with overzealous Barackobites who will capitalize on the opportunity to campaign for him to the kiddies on the coattails of the speech, canceling the phonics lecture to make for the "civics lesson."

You're known by the company you keep. Barack's inner circle is filled with people of suspect character and it's reasonable to conclude many parents will balk at their children sitting through a custom fit stump speech when the child's teacher is one ardently beholden to Obamania.

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