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Monday, August 31, 2009

Why KennedyCare Would Fail

Man is sinful and as such apart from regeneration pursues death whether the intentions are noble or not. Even a life well-lived has a disastrous conclusion in eternity apart from salvation in Christ while alive.

American government is not devoted to Christ. If you factor in the fact it protects abortion, spends money it doesn't have, levies excessive taxes, winks at sexual sins it's easy to make a case its devotion is to self-interest. Medicare and Social Security attest that government-run healthcare and retirement savings run up debts that would bankrupt any similar private sector-run company.

If the Obama White House signs off on any forthcoming bill to subsidize any aspect of healthcare it will serve to hasten the demise of the republic primarily through the utter devaluation of the American dollar (or whatever fiat currency might replace it one day).

Americans could do a lot to shore up the existing system but unfortunately it has little faith in the loving God who demands living in a manner consistent with Biblical dictates.

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