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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Should "Birthers" Be Shot On Sight?

After reading the media reports about "Birthers" one gets the impression they should be open season for any true-blooded American with a pistol, rifle, assault rifle, bow and arrow or molotov cocktail. They have been labeled by some as nut cases, plain nuts, nuts, conspiracy freaks, racists, white supremacists, crazy and more. Birthers of course is the polarizing name ascribed to those who don't believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii as he states and backed up with his "Certification of Live Birth" (COLB).

The Tampa Tribune ran a story today by stand-up comedian and occasional Huffington Post blogger (two facts they failed to mention) Tina Dupuy that is in the typical vein of most major media reports on the subject. She dutifully used the term "birthers," ridiculed them and failed to address some of the more cogent and reasonable arguments against the validity of Obama's COLB.

If you're interested in the topic a laundry list of the evidence the Birthers hope to see addressed in the media and elsewhere can be found here. Photoshop buffs and anyone interested in a private investigator career can have a field day with these allegations. (Note that the author of the report--Polarik--has come under assault to discredit him. It doesn't matter if the allegations against him ultimately are proven true, as the evidence stands or falls on its own merit. For example, if Charles Mason stated if you fold an unfolded sheet of paper once you have one fold, the fact his crdibility is questionable does not prove his statement false).

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