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Monday, August 31, 2009

California Prisoners Ready for the Streets

It seems the California prison system has 70% more prisoners than it's designed to accommodate and the state may release 20-something thousand prisoners early. If California applied God's teachings in Exodus they would require the prisoners to become the property of whomever they defrauded in the first place. In this way they could make restitution for their crime. If the offended party felt insecure about such a responsibility they could sell off this property to a willing third party. This is not a call to restore antebellum slavery as that was a perversion of what is prescribed in Exodus 21.

The released prisoners risk being reimprisoned if they run afoul of the law again once released. If they were property of someone else they risk being beaten by rods if they choose to be slothful. Under this plan not only is restitution made (or partly made), the slave owners get the rewards of labor that heretofore the state had deprived them of; law-abiding Americans, especially Californians aren't subjected to an expected surge in crime; the tax burden drops, the incentive to commit crime from a lack of conseuences flips to a major disincentive, etc.

This position has largely been passed over by the modern day church. Arguments that the New Testament teachings abolished slavery have not been convincing. Arguments that involuntary servitude for the purposes of making restitution are more compelling. Having said this, apart from a widespread increase in Christian self-government, any nation that expects to see success in applying cherry-picked standards of the Bible is poised for disappointment and floundering. You have to start somewhere though, right?

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