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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sen. Mark Sanford's Body

What do adultery and abortion have in common? Among other things they're both acts that involve a body. When a woman has an abortion it's often under the guise of making a decision based on having a right to one's own body. Abortion advocates often get riled when others "tell" them what to do with their own body.

Sen. Mark Sanford admitted to an affair with a woman from Argentina. He made a decision about how to use his body when having this liason(s).

Let me pause for a moment to prevent hysteria. The point to be made is the right to one's own body is not truly about reserving the right to use one's own body as one sees fit, but to coin a mantra that is specifically reserved to justify, defend and promote the act of abortion. And now back to our regularly scheduled post.

When you google "+abortion +'right to your own body'" you get 3,270,000 hits. When you google "+adultery +'right to your own body'" you get ..... nine hits, as in one less than ten. Does it seem like there's a chance there's a lot of parroting going on here?

If the phrase "right to your own body" were about, well, the rights of a body, there would be equal application to the body and its involvement in the act of adultery. Where are the defenders of the rights of own's own body in the case of Sen. Sanford? How come when you google "+Sanford +'right to your own body'" you only get six hits, as in four less than ten?

Nobody care's about defending Sanford's use of his body because it does nothing to advance the cause of abortion. Sanford is all alone in his problem and he'll not waste efforts to garner the support of body use defenders for this reason. Sanford exercised his right to choose and now he's in big trouble on multiple fronts.

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