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Friday, July 24, 2009

Creation and Health Care

Man is the only being outside of God Himself with a creative nature. Animals, plants and amoebas don't create but merely take in their surroundings. Whereas we were created in the Creator's image it's not surprising we create. Art, music, sculptures, stories, movies, clothing, dwellings, devices--we're dripping with a creative aspect to our lives. Because we create we resist, and rightfully so, those things that seek to block our creative efforts.

Creation is inextricably linked to our mandate to accumulate property for the purposes of building and expanding God's kingdom. This is not a mandate to hoard nor is it to suggest God's heavenly kingdom is secondary. For mankind to create it's very often necessary to grow capital (property) simultaneously to support and further his/her creative work.

With respect to healthcare, there's inevitable blowback built into this business model as those who's creative outlet is within that industry counter assaults on wealth creation with actions that result in what the recipients might find abrasive (e.g. long lines, rationing, escalating prices). An assault on personal property stifles one's ability to create. One cannot fulfill their calling with peace of mind to subdue the earth when others without sufficient knowlege or a vested interest in your success, inject themselves into your affairs against your will.

Healthcare is not a right but a blessing. The shortcomings in the system now are symptomatic of incremental and growing interference. To further the micromanagement as a supposed fix is incompatible with the creative nature of man, who was created to live in the light of His calling. When his ability to earn and save is undermined so is his ability to create. Man cannot serve God and mammon. Once a health care professional crosses over into holding onto a career because of the mammon it's expected God will reorient that person's thinking.

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