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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Manipulation Care -- For Our Health

Things not heard in the universal health care coverage "debate"--

The constitutionality or lack thereof.

How important it is to not focus on a handful of cherry-picked hardship cases and use that as proof this "reform" bill needs to be passed.

Reports on the medicines withheld from patients in the U.K. due to high cost.

Reports on hemodialysis patients in the U.K. being dialyzed twice a week instead of three times due to that third session not being in the budget.

The annual cost of Medicare fraud in $60 billion. How much more fraud would there be under the U.S. health care plan?

Medicare expenses are astronomical partly because the FED prints fiat money and manipulates interest rates and causes inflation and currency debasement in the process.

Emergeny room and hospital workers are required by law to treat habitual profane, abusive, threatening, manipulative drug seekers and other abusers of the system.


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