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Thursday, July 02, 2009

America: After the Empire

That would be a good book title for a look back at the wackiness Americans endured as the American empire gave way to whatever comes next. With the Fourth of July upon us Americans will be out in large numbers ostensibly celebrating its freedom. Ironically Americans have been steadily giving up its freedoms in incremental fashion for decades. That's just one wacky thing.

Mandating employers post signs that read "Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work" is another. Initialing a chart that a bathroom has been cleaned makes the list. Of course there's giving newborns the Hepatitis B vaccine in case they grow up to be a needle-sharing, IV drug user or a prostitute. Centralized banking and the use of fiat money is another favorite. Busing childern light years from their home to go to school is a hoot. Genetically modifed food. Mercury as a preservative and cavity filler. Fluoride to prevent cavities while loading grocery stores with sugar-laced foods. Global warming. Global cooling. Airport screenings. Allowing 99ml of shampoo as a carry-on but not 101ml. Nonfermented soy as a healthy protein.

Let's stop now before somebody steals my idea.

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