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Friday, June 12, 2009

We Probably Need More Iodine

Guy Abraham, MD and a couple other physicians started the Iodine Project in 1997, to test the hypothesis that Americans have a significant and widespread deficiency in body iodide and iodine stores, resulting in inferior health status. Donald Miller's article-- "Iodine for Health" --is a more readable summary on the benefits of iodine if Abraham's article is too techy, which it often is. The project findings thus far are pleasantly significant and numerous. If you have brain fog, heart arrhythmias, fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, polycystic ovaries, menopausal symptoms, thyroid issues, skin issues, COPD, constipation, salivary gland stones, or perhaps some other ailment, iodide/iodine supplementation may be of help.

If you embark on boosting your iodine intake you'll undoubtedly be investigating on-line products such as Lugol's solution, SSKI (super saturated potassium iodide), kelp, Iodoral, Prolamine, and other iodine-containing supplements. If you are taking amiodarone you need physician-assistance as amiodarone is a drug loaded with iodine and problems can result if you take both supplementation and the drug concurrently. As Miller points out, iodine supplementation is recommended to be done concomitantly with magnesium, selenium and Omega-3 (DHA/EPA) fatty acids. A couple of Brazil nuts are chock full of selenium. Carlson's, Nordic and Life Extension make high quality omega-3 products (i.e. fish oil).

This posted information is for entertainment purposes only. Consult a physician for personal matters as they relate to your health and well-being. This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat disease.

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