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Friday, June 12, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine Coming!

Mainstream media are reporting that a vaccine against swine flu (H1N1) should be ready for the fall vaccination season. As usual the vaccine will not have gone through trials because "there's no time to test it." That's true but it's also another point to consider when deciding whether or not the vaccine is worth the risk. The CDC will berate you if you refuse it because "you'll increase the danger to the sicker ones around you" if you play the "I'm in good health" card, and opt not to submit to vaccination.

Consider the numbers game. Every year the CDC reports 36,000 people will die from the flu. In reality the flu kills only a few hundred to a couple of thousand each year. Many more die from pneumonia or flu with pneumonia operating together. (CDC statistics available upon request).

To date, there have been 28,774 cases of swine flu reported worldwide with this latest outbreak. With a world population of 6,786,073,000 that means 0.00000042% of the world has contracted the swine flu. Stated differently, there's one reported case per 2,380,952 people. Swine flu death is just 0.8% of that! You're more likely to die from drinking water than you are from swine flu.

The CDC will likely spend millions of dollars promoting the swine flu vaccine. Is it worth the risk of suffering adverse effects from the excipients, the killed off viral products in the vaccine, or the unknowns per lack of testing, to roll up one's sleeve? Add to that the uncertainty of efficacy.
If the CDC, World Health Organization and the FDA were shut down tomorrow the world be a safer place by the day after tomorrow.

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