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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

TMZ, FOX News and CNN are reporting Michael Jackson has died. TMZ beat the other two to the punch by about 15 minutes. The initial reports were of cardiac arrest.

I imagine when the paramedics got to his side, if he wasn't already dead, he was either in asystole ("flat lining"), pulseless ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation. The latter two problems respond best, if they respond at all, to defibrillation (which the paramedics could administer in Jackson's house). Defibrillation being when they shock you with the two paddles hooked up to the machine. If he was flat lining (asystole) then he was a candidate for epinephrine or vasopressin injection(s), and atropine, but not a candidate for defibrillation. It would be surprising if Jackson's EKG "rhythm" was something other than one of these aforementioned three. The first meaningful question for a reporter would be, "what was his initial rhythm on EKG?" With that little bit of information the medical experts can give a fairly decent scenario of what happened in Jackson's house, during the ambulance ride, and in the trauma room. If one of these three rhythms were indeed central to the story the possible causes are more varied and too numerous to make confident conjectures.

The influence of the MTV video "Beat It" was monumental on video and dance. Thriller built upon what Beat It started. Too bad the King of Pop popped, in numerous ways.

Oh yeah, Farrah died today too. Two showbiz icons in one day. A sad day.



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