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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day and the Multitude of Fathers

With an 85-year-old father every holiday seems to take on more significance as time has a way of reminding us our lives are brief, even the long ones. Tonight was my night with Dad [and Mom :-)] at Carrabba's for a Father's Day celebration a day ahead of schedule.

With a 25-year-old daughter on one end, an 85-year-old on the other, and a heavenly Father besides, the father-dynamics are quite varied and interesting to ponder. One example is how well we remember our fathering yet how little we know in comparison of what the experience was like for our own father. My father is a good father. With me being 50 years old his tougher rearing days are well behind him. My 25-year-old can rate me on the net too, if she desires (I didn't get her until age 6 so I have a huge disclaimer in my hip pocket if necessary).

Then there's other sons and daughters with estranged fathers, deceased fathers, missing fathers, absent fathers, wayward fathers, embarrasses-me fathers, mean fathers, abusive fathers, unrepentant fathers, weak fathers, Alzheimer fathers... the list goes on. Of all these father types it's good to know that God the Father is loving, available and incapable of disappointing. And with the best of earthly fathers still slipping into unflattering categories from time to time it's good to know we can all access the perfect Father (on His terms of course).


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