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Friday, April 03, 2009

The Death of the Bag Boy

The real bag boy occupation "died" decades ago when the "no tipping allowed, carry-out-is-standard-service" policy swept the nation. The boomers, who buy lots of groceries and have money to tip, more often than not carry out their own groceries because of the "no tipping" rule. If you did tip you put the employee at risk and feel like a rule buster. So if you're carrying out your own groceries you're likely not to tip a bag boy for just bagging. The kicker in the old days was the invigorated youth busting his tail to load your car with paper sacks to get back and get to the next tipper. You can always question the bagger's motivation but while you're contemplating that your shopping trip concluded in the quickest time possible. Today's bag boy moves in slow motion compared to the baggers of the '70s. With the incentive outlawed they more often than not plod along at a pace only a socialist can appreciate. At least feelings aren't hurt by allowing some baggers to excel while others come to realize their niche lies elsewhere.

The next grocery store to post a "tipping is encouraged" sign will have new found leverage in the grocery industry.


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