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Monday, March 23, 2009

One Million Dead Babies Later...

A noteworthy development in the War on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the finding that the SIDS death rate decreases BY 72% when infants sleep in a room with a turned-on fan (not to be confused with a Britney Spears supporter). Allegedly the fan serves to reduce a baby's exposure to carbon dioxide by dispersing it with the generated moving air. Unfortunately for the SIDS cult, this latest information fits neatly with the politically incorrect explanation that babies can die when particular mattress and bedding chemicals convert to their gaseous state (gases which are potentially lethal) in the presence of fungus (babies occasionally get fungal infections, right?) and heat (babies occasionally spike temperatures, yes?). Multiple articles on this reasonable explanation are linked here. Of special interest is the fact the chances for dying of SIDS increases for a mother's second birth, even more for a mother's third child, and yet even greater for a mother's 4th child. This obliterates the "carbon dioxide" theory.

Well over 100,000 babies have slept on mattresses covered to protect them from noxious gas exposure without one reported SIDS death. If you follow just the advice of the SIDS cultists your babies are at much higher risk of exposure to these potentially lethal gases. Waiting for an official government entity-approved study to "validate" the theory is akin to a belief that the nationalization of banks is in your best interest.

(Disclaimer-- I have no vested intrest in any mattress cover company or any bedding company. I post these links as information sources only. I have no knowledge of the reputation ,with respect to the business end of things, of the companies selling mattress covers. If I needed one I would just buy it on-line and hoped it arrived in the mail-- smp).

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