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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to...

We are a nation of sincere thinking and praying, or are we? For several years now we've heard the catch phrase "our thoughts and prayers go out to" ... whomever. While Christian prayers make it to God's throne room the thoughts of most people do little, if that, for the subject being thought about. You can think about some one but can't telepathically send those thoughts.

At some point the phrase "Our thoughts and prayers go out to" was born and now in the face of heartbreaking news many people are afraid of the public relations blowback if they don't utter it in certain forums. God warned against idle talk and it's prudent to understand what one is saying if they offer "thoughts and prayers." For the Christian is best to keep it to "our prayers go out to..." and then actually offer up the prayer(s) later. Or pray right then and forget the declaration to do so altogether.

As evidence the phrase is mostly lip service google "Our thoughts and prayers go out to" (with the quote marks). As of today you'll get 187,000 hits. Now reverse "thoughts" and "prayers" and google "Our prayers and thoughts go out to" (again, with the quote marks). This latter expression returns an astounding 989 hits. This wide disparity is, you know, indicative that this is, you know, for the vast majority of people a rote expression , you know, picked up by repetitive exposure, you know.

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