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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama's Cross-Branding With Lincoln

Barack Obama has gone to great lengths from the time of his campaign through today (Lincoln's birthday) and counting to closely associate himself with Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln has a solid reputation in the minds of most Americans, notwithstanding political party affiliation, and Barack Obama is ostensibly tapping into Abe's popularity by cross-branding himself with him--a little early legacy work.

Thomas DiLorenzo stakes out the position in his books on Lincoln, that "Honest Abe's" agenda was one of protectionist tariffs, corporate welfare, central banking and to make an empire that would rival the British Empire. Barack is showing himself to be Lincoln-like as described by DiLorenzo and that is troubling. If Barack is attempting to capitalize on Lincoln's alleged affection and concern for 19th century African-Americans he would do well to read Lincoln's quotes in DiLorenzo's The Real Lincoln and rethink that strategy. In David Gordon's review of Lerone Bennett, Jr.'s book Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream, Gordon records some of Lincoln's quotes that would paint him a racist by today's standards. It's truly fascinating that the mainstream media won't reinvestigate Lincoln based on DiLorenzo and Bennett's findings.

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