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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Man, The Wife, and the Incumbent

Here's why the economy is in freefall. A man breaks into a bank vault at night only to find his wife, the bank's vice president, having an affair inside it with the incumbent U.S. senator up for re-election. They all walk away with an unspoken agreement not to mention what happened. The man only takes about $500,000, leaving millions behind. The couple breaks up but the man at least has his half-million. The wife goes to work the next week happy not to have been called into the bank president's office for a surprise meeting. The U.S. senator is happy neither Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, TMZ and a host of others have not called for an interview about alleged inappropriate behavior with an unnamed married woman.

And that's why the economy is in the tank. The nature of sin is people overlook your sins if you in turn will overlook theirs. Money mishandling is inevitably a core sin.

Nevadans disdain pork barrell spending but send Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) back to the senate because he can get projects like a rail system connecting Vegas with L.A. pushed through the legislative process. Floridians don't like pork barrell spending but love Gov. Charlie Crist because he'll accept stimulus pork from Barack O-thief-a. And so it goes.

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