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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Created gods Pose Little Friction

Much of the ski resort town of Breckenridge, Colorado has an affection for the mythical Norse god of snow Ullr. Apparently some Breckenridgians trust in Ullr for quality winters and rad ski conditions. The local ski resort conditions television channel might implore Ullr to bring snow if too many warm, sunny days afflict the area. Need a meal? Go to Ullr's Sports Grill.

Ullr is a figment of the imagination and as such poses no threat to his worshippers. This is the appeal of false gods--they don't require anything of you and can be made to cater to your every selfish whim.

Ironically, if snow skiiers and snowboarders were praying effectively for banner conditions it's God through Jesus Christ whom they should implore. The one true God that avails Himself to them is dismissed. People often choose suffering over salvation and blessing.

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