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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

As much as there is to dislike about McCain one must admit he's running a good campaign. He's low on fans, charisma and money which puts him at a disadvantage. Today's selection of Sarah Palin as his Veep was brilliant on multiple levels, assuming skeletons don't come forth. She's of course a women (the anti-Hillary), young , attractive and experienced in politics more than Obama. As James Dobson pointed out, Obama has about 140 working days' worth of experience as a U.S. senator.
If the experience card is played against Palin it comes back to bite Obama-Biden harder as Obama is top dog and Palin is Second Cheese. McCain-Palin can periodically "extole the virtues of Hillary" to appease women and simultaneously stir the animosity that exists between spurned Hillaryites and the Obamican loyalists.
McCain's timing and handling of his Veep pick was impeccable. He informed the press he reached his decision just hours before Obama addressed his warriors in the faux Greek temple of Barackaha. The news squelched the pre-speech hoopla that was sure to ensue. He finally made the announcement the day after Obama's speech, during lunch, when working Americans catch up on the latest news. This latest news didn't include excerpts from Obama's "home run" speech but instead an address by this woman we've never heard of.
And all this for free. No commercials, and no free airtime for Obama.
If McCain is really, really smart he'll blow off appearing to accept the nomination for the Republican party in Minnesota and do it via cable hook-up, down in the Hurricane-ravaged South after Hurricane Gustav comes ashore, working alongside the residents as they clean up the debriss and rejigger their lives.

Change We Can "Believe" In

Sen. Joe Biden is evidence of Obama change. Evidence of more of the same.