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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Earth Day Facts

Another Earth Day is almost upon us and you can almost sense the earth cringing. For "Mother Earth" it will be like undergoing terrestrial root canal. According to the American Earth Day Association (AEDA) , accredited by the Joint Commission for the Association of Environmentalists, this Earth Day is not without its global insults. Here are the facts:

21,467 - Number of Earth Day Conference Leaders taking private planes to give keynote speeches on reducing the burning of fossil fuels

23,757,536 - The number of trees needed to produce the flyers, pamphlets and handouts announcing Earth Day activities.

456,368,236 - Number of gallons of gas Earth Day participants will burn getting to and from events.

567,456 - Metric tons of carbon dust that will spill into the ozone layer on Earth Day (the expectation for a typical, non-holiday is 2 tons!)

10 - Number of Earth Day references in speeces on Earth Day by Barack H. Obama and Hillary Clinton.

56,987 - Number of flat tires from Earth Day celebrants that will be deposited in land fills the following day.

1,345 - Number of countries that want the USA to ratify the Kyoto Protocol so its citizens can throw more money at a bad idea.

These facts are indisputable. To question the facts of anything that leads with "American" is simply... un-American.


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