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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brain Fog

One of mankind's great frustrations is the inability to bridge the infinite intellect gap that exists between its collective wisdom and the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Christ promises salvation by way of an unmerited gift that man often rejects for reason of wanting to have greater understanding of such matters first. If you suggest that if such a god existed--one that could be understood solely by way of intellect--he would be unworthy of attention and affection for his intellect is then not much vaster than ours.

Outside of outright spiritual blindness, huge numbers of people are likely dismissing Christ as someone He never revealed Himself to be--a spiritual giant waiting to be figured out. The spiritual blindness problem remains the greater stumbling block though. Most people aren't willing to devote themselves to theological matters because it's often not instantly gratifying, not does it positively affect your fuel gauge.



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