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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bloated Public School System

A former state representative from Florida--Sandra Murman-- wrote an editorial for the Tampa Tribune today decrying the high percentage of the education dollars going into "non-academic services" (i.e. school system employees who aren't teachers). She stated that only about half of the 328,533 state employees are teachers, and that over $6 billion of the operational funds (1/3 of the budget) were spent on items with no direct link to "learning."

With home schools the non-teaching jobs are filled by the teachers, aka mothers and fathers. One doesn't need a Ph.D. in statistics to know which system is more efficient. The public schools were more efficient decades ago when families were more oriented to the Christian faith. As secularism and pluralism have extended their roots the public schools spend more money and produce more dropouts and school shootings.

Many of America's ills are served best by the analogy of the drug addict in dire need of deliverance from withdrawal symptoms, and this holds true for the world of academia. The cheapest, quickest and easist solution is more of the same. This ultimately leads to a quicker death. Apart from supernatural deliverance, the longer, sane and results-based solution is some sort of detox program. Public schools periodically experience symptoms it doesn't like and as a result dopes itself up (often producing more dopes in the process). The detox program removes federal, state, county and city intrusion with parents taking the reins again, reassumimg control of their children's edukashun. The state is addicted to the power that comes with controlling the education of children and young adults, and the flow of tax revenue that comes with it, so it won't go away quietly.

Yes, there are numerous examples of quality teachers training up prolific students within the public shool system who fulfill their calling admirably post-graduation. To say this justifies the existing system would require Marxist thinking and a hint of statistical spin. Smart teachers and bright students would not fail to be just as stupendous operating within the proper academic paradigm. The question is are Americans willing to take the risks incumbent with such a leap of faith?


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