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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Apple Hackers and JCAHO

In a computer hacking contest Apple's MacBook Air was commandeered by the winning hacker in 2 minutes. One can imagine how many man-hours went into preventing such an event by Apple team members. Such is the nature of "success" when a broader scope of personnel are participating. In other words, Apple was at the mercy of a small company staff in comparison to numbers equated to the openness of a hacking contest. This is the nature of business--you're a product of your finite group of people, notwithstanding the sovereignty of God.

Of a more serious nature is the world of hospitals. Like Apple and its small number of team members, hospitals spend untold amounts of bling prepping for JCAHO (Joint Commission on the Accredidation of Healthcare Organizations) inspections on a year-round basis. JCAHO's import to a hospital's ability to collect reimbursement is akin to the needs of marine life for sea water. However, if the inspection process was reasonably open to vast numbers of small time inspection organizations then you, as a prospective hospital patient, would have a benefit equivalent to that which the hackers provided prospective Apple computer purchasers. As long as JCAHO is the King Kong of the hospital inspection business, and claims that a hospital is first rate and safe, think of the Apple team members who assured their team leaders the MacBook Air was quite McFort Knox-like. Those pesky hackers.


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