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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Relevant Sex

A local pastor has asked his married couples to have sex every day for a month per his "30-Day Sex Challenge", and for his singles to abstain from having sex for a month. The story is here. The pastor bemoaned having to use "xex" in issuing the challenge but feared using the buzzword "intimacy" would attract both less enthusiasm and participation.

The name "Relevant Church" is a clear indication that the church intends to pander to the culture rather than pattern itself after the Biblical model. While tackling the rampant rate of divorce within the church is laudable resorting to a legalistic solution will likely create more problems than it solves. Substituting doctrinally sound approaches when addressing sin with worldly gimmicks will only serve to bring reproach upon the church of Jesus Christ and enlarge the task of furthering God's kingdom. God have mercy on the parishoners of Relevant Church with shift work, symptomatic "hormonal imbalances" or "time of the month" flags.


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