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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Media Uses Obama

Television media types sees themselves as journalists who are able and expected to table their biases, political and otherwise, when reporting the facts. In other words, they exercise caution when plying their trade and lean on obfuscation to push their bias leanings.
Media types routinely state they're opposed to racism. Supposedly they're against the abuse, misuse and manipulation of minorities no matter the circumstances. One may forcibly and reasonably argue the opposite is true.

In the case of Barack Obama, he is touted in the press as being "African-American" over and over. The fact is his mother, now deceased, was Caucasion. To say he's African-American is essentially inaccurate. The press prefers to twist the truth though because it's a more compelling story to say he's "African-American." They get away with it because he appears thoroughly African-American. Now if the fair complexioned Britney Spears had an African-American father it would be difficult for the press to report that she was "African-American." So difficult that it wouldn't be done.

It's not difficult to see that the media is using both Barack and the African-American community to enhance their viewership numbers in order to sell costlier commercial time. And why isn't Barack defending the legacy of his own mother?


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