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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is the Rocket's Heat Shield Melting?

Nothwithstanding the fact congress people are inserting themselves into the world of Selig-abandoned, steroid-laced professional baseball and the sexiest of its inherent problems, the grilling of Roger Clemens and his ex-personal trainer Brian McNamee made for below average reality TV yesterday. It didn’t go well for the Rocket but fortunately for him his accuser’s credibility was marginal at best.
To understand this he said-he said I take you back to former President Bill Clinton’s strong desire to understand the various applications of the word “is.” Parsing words to deflect criticism was quintessential Clintonism.
Roger Clemens stated, “I have never taken …. (anabolic steroids and HGH [human growth hormone])." Now to him, if it was his trainer injecting him then in his own mind he did not "take" them. His passively receiving them, as opposed to actively injecting them himself, may be his rationalization. I was surprised that he was not grilled on this statement.


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