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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Diet Soda Takes a Frothing

Another shocker--consumption of one or more diet sodas per day leads to a marked increase in risk of coming down with metabolic syndrome. Which is a nice way of saying obesity, heart disease and diabetes (insulin resistance) rolled into one package. Top Cheeses of the beverage industry scoff at the study findings saying their beverages are 99% water. Scientifically speaking, this indicates 99% of the beverage industry leadership likely lies 99% of the time. What's next? A beverage giant bottling tape water and calling it Aqua-Taste-ah? Never happen.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Got a Basketball Jones

The sports universe is bothered by the charges recently levied against NBA referee Tim Donaghy, that he wagered on games in which he personally reffed. One thinks this would effect his performance. Surprise. If this guy could cheat at this level does that mean there are like shenanigans either occuring or destined to occur in other big-time sports?

Personal Truthism always bites back hard. Donaghy obviously justified what he did or he wouldn't have done it. Or, if he felt conflicted doing it he wasn't conflicted enough to get help to have himself dragged away for the good of the game and mankind at-large.

Not many people have a problem believing there's massive corruption at the highest level--with government officials. Not many people are surprised when pedophiles get exposed mixing their "priestly" duties with their sexual proclivities. So why are we surprised when a NBA ref makes bets on games he's reffing?

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sicko! A Review

Notwithstanding Michael Moore's reputation as a pro-liberal activist, his movie Sicko does offer some good points to ponder amidst its pitch for universal health care in America. Moore includes several anecdotes of people denied coverage by insensitive health insurance companies who seek to improve their bottom line. True, Moore may have exercised sleight-of-hand tactics to attack health insurers unfairly here but you get the impression he didn't. He laid out contribution figures paid by health insurance company lobbyists to politicians to illustrate the pressure put on them to pass legislation that's favorable to the insurers. Even Hillary isn't immune from accepting money from these lobbyists. Near the film's close Moore rounds up several of the patients featured earlier in his film to take them by boat to Guantanamo Bay (American held property in Cuba filled with Al Qaidaians) to get them care they're unable to get/afford here in the states. Denied at Guantanamo, these patients do get seen by Cuban doctors. Whether or not the free PR these Cubans received for participating influenced them is up to debate. One woman purchased respiratory inhalers for 5 cents (US) each and claimed to be paying $120 a piece for the same product back home.

Moore conducted several interviews with satisfied citizen-patients in Canada and France, to make the case universal health care, as available in these nations, is indeed cheaper and keeps all citizens in the health care loop. He did not interview anyone dissatisfied with the health care systems of these countries. Even if he did, a handful of anecdotal stories doesn't make or break the viability, or lack thereof, of any health care system. The rightness of a nation's theology and political system will usually be reflected in its industries, including health care.

If Moore truly wanted to present a solid case he should have appealed to history and the multitude of failed and succesful political and theological systems that have come and gone for millenia gone by. Failing to do this puts Moore in the unfortunate position of having released nothing more than a lengthy infomercial.

Universal health care by definition necessitates everyone turn over a degree of private property rights (i.e. personal wealth) to the state. The state is historically very self-serving and people-unfriendly in the long run. It preys on people's ease by which they cave into embracing politics of envy. Even if socialized medicine afforded some short term benefit it always runs the risk of imploding once self governance and family governance break down. America is rife with problem patients both incubating and incubated/hatched--drug seekers, high risk behaviorists, con artists, addicts, poor diet-related illnesses, anabolic steroidists, etc.--that would turn universal health care into a fiscal and nontherapeutic nightmare for most everyone. Notable exceptions include the Bushes, Clintons and their close friends. The past and current problems plaguing our oft tweaked health care system is a clear indicator many of the problems penciled in for elimination would actually get worse if access were free and universalized. Yes, many corporate giants are probably upgrading their private jets while true blue, Toyota- and Honda-driving Americans suffer in silence. However, apart from a return to more wholesome living on the part of a much higher percentage of Americans our health care system will continue to exist as an unacceptable and immensely expensive product for most.

America's health care problems are at their core byproducts of faulty theology. We've pushed the triune God aside and invited his curses in the process. Debating the delivery system is a red herring argument at this juncture.


Gardasil Problems, Gardasil Deaths

By June of this year Judicial Watch had received 1600+ reports of adverse reactions to Gardasil, the new vaccine purported to ward off death from cervical cancer secondary to HPV (Human Papillomavirus). On top of this, 3 deaths have been reported to be closely linked to immunization with said vaccine. Adverse reactions reported include paralysis, Bell's Palsy, Gullain-Barre, spontaneous abortion and more.

At this point there's no question this poorly- and short-tested vaccine is of questionable benefit. The fact that some politicians want it to be included as part of the pediatric vaccine schedule is disturbing.


Julienne Irwin

America's Got Talent , another reality show currently running, has a 14-year-old, humble, modest and polite vocalist--Julienne Irwin--making a serious run at the title. Granted, it's TV and the goal is viewership, not finding America's most talented person, but this girl can really sing. I suspect she'll have contracts at her feet soon if she doesn't have offers already.

Interestingly in the semi-final round tonight Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy's wife) told Julienne after her number that in addition to being a great singer she's a great role model. Husband Ozzy was always a role model, but many would argue what values he modeled. Host Jerry Springer told Julienne to keep a level head. Had Springer kept a level head he never would have taken the Jerry Springer Show to the air.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Only 64 Months Until the 2012 Election

For the first time in modern American history the campaign for president and the media coverage of it has ramped up "way ahead of schedule." One gets the feeling that Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Ron Paul, Romney, Rudy and McCain have had ample opportunity to get their message, and more importantly, their www-dot whatever, out to the masses. If you don't already know enough to cast a vote you're probably hanging out with Michael Vick too often.

The media can only be giddy about America's taking a liking to empire-like characteristics--it provides adequate fodder for continual big news in the absence of a good national disaster, school shooting, celebrity death or other ratings grabber, generally needed to fill the void. If the state truly served the people and followed the constitution, politicians and politics would be a lot less newsworthy.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Got Heat?

The multi-continent, green-unfriendly Live Earth concerts have come and gone. Al Gore led a few thousand people in the green pledge and now we collectively wait for Phoenix, Arizona and the Mojave Desert to freeze over. Greenies seem to love having Al at the forefront of their cause but it wouldn't hurt if they adopted someone without the credibility problems he has (see: Gore, History of). Gore can conduct this war on temperature as if it were a shallow, sound byte-plagued political campaign but the greenies must realize there's no hope for progress (assuming that's a possibility) when merely whipping people into a frenzy from time to time is the method of choice.

Al Gore's campaign is likely about exploitation, power grabbing and getting rich while he sorts out why he's so discontented.


Jock Doubleday is offering a $75,000 reward to any US-licensed medical doctor, any of the 14 relevant members of the CDC's 2006 Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), or any CEO of a pharmaceutical company who'll drink a "cocktail" comprised of standard vaccine additives. The offer has actually been out there for years but only recently was jacked up to 75k.

The point is well taken. If these ingredients are indeed safe if given parenterally, as vaccine apologist Dr. Paul Offit contends here, then they're certainly safe if taken orally, right? Jock Doubleday's offer will be increasing by $5000 per month at this point. It will be interesting to see if he gets a taker.