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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Perhaps He Should Have Spat on Somebody

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher was fined by the NFL for sporting a cap with a Vitaminwater patch on it at the Super Bowl media day back in late January. Unfortunately, Glaceau's Vitaminwater is not a sponsor affiliated with the NFL. The violation led to Mr. Urlacher getting slapped with a $100,000 fine.

Perhaps Brian should have just spitted in someone's face. Terrell Owens did that to Atlanta Falcon's cornerback DeAngelo Hall and saved $65,000. How? By not wearing a Vitaminwater cap and just spitting on someone, which was only a $35,000 offense.

The NFL is more tolerant of employee abuse than they are of revenue stream competition.

Cho did what he was taught, No?

In public schools today students are taught that everyone should follow their heart. Cho did that. You're to be true to yourself. Cho was. You're to respect the opinions and beliefs of others. Cho believed that respect should also be afforded to him. You're taught that we're all here by happenstance and there's no absolute, unchanging and universal truth by which man should govern his life. In Cho's mind there was no binding moral code to violate, perhaps just some some nuisance laws prohibiting murder.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cho, Personal Liability and State Bloatedness

The state of Florida wants 24 million to make the state universities safer from future Cho-like brutalities. They won't get the money but if they do it will be money well-wasted. A fool will usually accomplish his task no matter the barriers set up to prevent such.

God commanded the owner of a pit to cover it (Exodus 21:33-34) to prevent animals from falling in it. God commanded a man build a barrier on his roof to keep visitors from accidentally falling off of it (Deuteronomy 22:8). In both cases man is compelled to act reasonably to prevent accidents, not to prevent premeditated, law-breaking acts--violent or otherwise.

For the state to demand greater "protections" by property owners than that which exceeds the prevention of accidents, is to deny God and arrogate unauthorized authority to ones' self. Man is not to add to that which God commands or permits yet man does that because his sin natures lures him into the trap. Ultimately state mandates to prevent the unpreventable furthers the power and bloatedness of the state and robs individuals of property rights...

More on Cho

One wonders if the warning signs Cho emitted in his earlier days of being potentially postal were downplayed for fear of discrimination lawsuits coming forth if an Asian were denied a gun purchase for reasons not explicitly laid out in the law...

Job's three dumb counselors were at least wise enough to give him seven days to grieve before waxing eloquent in their attempts to get Job out of grief and back into "life." In Cho's aftermath at VaTech the grief counselors were quickly assembled by the state in their eagerness to spread further anti-Christian gospel that woefully fails at administering true healing...

Sharpton v. Imus

While not quite the magnitude of Roe v. Wade or Brown v. Board of Education, Sharpton v. Imus was quite the headline until run out of the news by a bitter Cho. Op-ed writers and bloggers galore have put forth many an opinion yet I haven't heard one questioning Sharpton's tendency to elevate lower tier issues over the name of Jesus Christ.

Don Imus was the king of the interview. He more than anyone was able to get celebrity types to be themselves, and lighthearted to boot. I suspect he'll reemerge soon unless retirement gets to comfortable. The autism community had no greater friend than Imus. Unfortunately many of them aren't aware of Imus' contribution here. Nearly all of his media peers tow the company line when it comes to autism while Imus continually hammered home the association autism often has to thimerosal (a form of mercury) load on the young body.

Imus often made fun of Rev. Jerry Falwell on his show and I can't recall Sharpton speaking out against his "faith" being ridiculed. Sharpton's attack on Imus for an ill-placed joke speaks of ulterior motives, whatever they may be. We all can come to our own conclusions about those.

Sharpton's misappropriation of priorities undercuts what little credibility he had pre-Imus. Sharpton, Jackson, et.al. threw Imus under the back of the bus and then Imus' bosses threw the Imus out with the bath water.