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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gore's Fever Gate Sideshow

"See the live killer rats from the sewers of Paris." Blah, blah, blah. That's what the speaker used to blare at the local fair when one passed by that particular exhibit back in the 70s. Gore's appearance on Capitol Hill today reminded me of that. This was a necessary evil when you have two parties with little credibility as a body. The Republicans felt obligated to show up less they take a pounding in the media for not doing so.

First of all, where in the Constitution does it state Congress shall protect the unionees from application of excessive suntan lotion? Secondly, to be a "global warming" spokesperson before Congress would hopefully require more background training in areas Gore has never dabbled. Ideally a panel representing both side of the issue would show up and not just a PR flak ala Gore.

If one convinces the masses he has the answers that can allay man's fears, whether he has them or not, he can get a lot of bling passing through his hands. With Fever Gate Gore is simply leveraging his celebrity status to gain authority he hoped to get via the election of '00. Power hungriness requires the equivalent of multiplied Big Macs before that feeling goes away.

The Republicans should have peppered Gore with questions he couldn't understand to completely discredit him before his pensive audience. But, they didn't. This wasn't Ali-Frazier but rather Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots in action.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Simon's Insolence

Simon Cowell of American Idol fame is insolent. When berating contestants he appeals to the baser elements of man. This works because he realizes this abuse attracts viewers. His path to wealth was an easy one, much like the team member who works in the pornography industry. Sin sells as it's a mostly resistance-free path.

One wonders if he'll look back on his career one day and regret belittling young adults and teens half his age for the sake of television ratings and bling.

GEICO Throws its Support to Creationism

Television commercials polarize, usually to one pole more often than the other. When VCRs and Beta hit the market years ago people rejoiced at the opportunity to tape their favorite programs so they could fast forward through the commercials at a later time.

Occasionally there are commercials that are fun to watch. The Super Bowl has a lengthy history of featuring good commercials, although they've slipped in recent years. ESPN produces some good commercials, many with its own homer desk jocks in principal roles. Of late, I've enjoyed GEICO's commercials featuring cavemen. The producers cast the caveguys as the objects of ridicule and of lesser intelligence.

What if these commercials substituted American Indians, Polacks or the minority de jour in place of the cavepeople? The outrage of the public would have led GEICO to pull the spots without hesitation. What's the difference between what they did and what was theorized here? The difference is that cavemen are deep down inside known to be figments of the National Education Association's imagination while the latter are real live minorities. When caveguys are spoofed it's cartoonish and funny.

GEICO has shown evolution to be a farce by failing to elicit angst from nary a television viewer. GEICO has essentially lobbed a grenade into the shorts of Stephen Hawking and other evolutionist-minded neocaveites! Creationists don't need GEICO's help in defending creationism but having their cavefolk commercials running without the wailing of some special interest group is certainly refreshing.

Alzheimer's Disease Ratcheting Up

FOXNews medical correspondent Dr. Manny Alvarez just reported on FOXNews that there's no way to prevent Alzheimer's Disease (AD). This is response to the latest news that AD is up 10% over the past 7 years (5 million and counting). This "no way to prevent" comment may need to be retracted.

Russell Blaylock (board certified neurosurgeon) wrote a great book,
Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, pointing out that the ingestion of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartate (one of three by-products of aspartame, the artificial sweetener found in Equal and NutraSweet) has been shown to excite glutamate receptors to death in the substantia nigra area of the brain. AD victims often suffer loss of 90% of their substantia nigra.

When these two amino acids, aspartate and glutamate, are stripped from their usual body-friendly protein source (proteins being chains of amino acids) they're absorbed too quickly and as such penetrate the blood-brain barrier in a way the body is not meant to tolerate without a measure of damage.

The genetic argument/excuse for the recent rampant rate of increase in numbers of Americans afflicted with AD is highly unlikely. The "living older" argument cannot likely be justified apart from a study incorporating the impact of aspartame and MSG. Unfortunately, the FDA has decreed aspartame and MSG as "safe," hence the research into excitotoxins will likely not be covered in established medical journals to any significant degree. This means major media outlets will not report on excitotoxins as they are merely rote parroters of popular study results published in major medical journals.

Splenda Damage Control

If one attempts to access "websites" orangessuck.net, orangestoxicity.com or orangespoison.com they will not pull up a web page. If you type in web addresses splendasucks.net, splendatoxicity.com or sucralosepoison.com you will not pull up those web pages either.

With the oranges-related sites you don't access them likely because there's no consumer sentiment that oranges suck, are toxic or poisonous. However, it seems the manufacturer (Tate & Lyle) and co-developer (Johnson & Johnson) of Splenda have a legitimate fear of backlash from consumers as the two corporate entities found it prudent to purchase hundreds of potentially profit-killing web site domain names-- many listed here to prevent adverse publicity. Dr. Janet Starr Hull's splendaexposed.com site is one Johnson & Johnson hope you never google.

It's unfortunate Splenda was allowed into the food supply when less than 40 people were studied for 4 days, looking at tooth decay, prior to its FDA approval on April 1, 1998. Such shoddy science and oversight prohibits a tangible assessment of what damage Splenda actually does to the body once it's absorbed (11-27% absorption per the FDA, despite Splenda's claim that it's not absorbed).


Televangelists Create Work for the Church

"Christian TV" has a common thread--trot out televangelists and telepreachers that overemphasize the benefits of the Christian life to the believer as a means for marketing their ministries. And this of course assumes these televangelists and telepreachers are Christian to begin with. A lot of the theology spewed by these “giants” is outright wrong, or at best distorted.
America will one day be remembered as a nation consumed with self-interest ala Madonna, aka "The Material Girl." The Lord's Prayer focuses one on God, His kingdom, His will (not ours), that His name is to be hallowed, on forgiveness, on temptations, and on daily bread. There’s nothing seeker-sensitive in this model prayer. A televangelist's teaching on prayer often centers on telling God what you need, speak it into existence, and to send them your money to catalyze the whole reaction.

In a court of law the celebrities are the judge, the attorneys and the defendant. The unheralded weight and mass characters are the witnesses and the jurors. The judge and attorneys do not want witnesses uttering anything other than statements of facts related to their questions. If a witness has a lesson to share or a theory to unravel they will be asked to keep it to themselves.

Christians are the Triune God's witnesses and fulfill the Great Commission mandate by acting in like manner to the witnesses in courts. Televangelists aren't often content being witnesses. The notoriety inherent to God the judge and Jesus Christ the attorney for the accused is too tempting a position of fame not easily left unshared. As such they depart from God's decree to be witnesses and arrogate to themselves illegitimate and false authority, imparting their defective thinking and actions in the process. The unfortunate recipient lambs often spend a lifetime floundering in the pig trough of life as a result.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Whoa, slow down. Gardasil? March of the human papilloma virus

Should parents have their young daughters vaccinated with Merck’s Gardasil® to prevent infection from 4 of the 100+ genotypes of human papillomavirus (HPV)? The only two high-risk, cervical cancer-associated types Gardasil is said to have efficacy against are HPV types 16 and 18. These two types are linked to only 70% of cervical cancer cases. This means Gardasil is ineffective at preventing 30% of cervical cancer cases (at least). Whether or not to have one’s daughter vaccinated with Gardasil should ultimately be a parental decision independent of any intrusive civil government mandate.

If one reads the latest study in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA; Prevalence of HPV Infection Among Females in the United States - Feb 18, 2007; 297: No. 8, pp. 813-819) the knee-jerk reaction of parents might possibly be, “yes,” let's get our daughter vaccinated. The study claims that HPV is more widespread than formerly suspected, with 26.8% of females between the ages of 14-59 afflicted. For the 20-24 year-old demographic the prevalence was reported to be a whopping 44.8%.

Only 3.4% of patients in the JAMA study had one or more of the 4 HPV types that Gardasil is effective against. Only 2.3% of the patients in the study had the “high-risk” HPV types 16 or 18. The study categorized these paltry sensitivity figures using the relative statement, “the prevalence of HPV vaccine types was relatively low. The “relatively low” euphemism can cover a “relatively high” range of figures, enabling the misconception that the sensitive HPV genotypes are more numerous than they really are.

The study authors admit that about 90% of HPV infections resolve within 2 years. About 80% of all cases world-wide occur in people outside the United States, which suggests our current health care system is already well-equipped in minimizing occurrences of HPV. To help frame the magnitude of the problem, consider that for every American over 18 years of age dying from cervical cancer (3,700 deaths per year) nearly 100 (300,000 deaths per year) are dying from heart disease. Relatively speaking , cervical cancer merits as much attention in the "war on death" as does foreign aid to Congo in any recent given presidential election.

Gardasil’s duration of protection from cervical cancer, if any, is still unknown. With the average age at time of diagnosis of cervical cancer being 47-48, who’s to say any short-term, cancer-free state experienced in a vaccinated teenage girl today will persist after a decade, two or three has elapsed post-vaccination? With that in mind one can confidently state there isn’t any reasonable solid evidence yet enabling the claim Gardasil prevents cervical cancer. However, Merck’s package insert for Gardasil claims it’s “for the prevention of the following diseases caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) types 6,11,16 and 18: cervical cancer… [italics mine]”

Gardasil is expensive. As of this writing the three boosters run about $360 total. After the three injections one has been exposed to 675mcg of aluminum. Aluminum is known to be toxic to neuronal neurotubules, interfere with antioxidant enzymes, poison DNA repair enzymes, interfere with mitochondrial energy production, block the glutamate reuptake proteins (increased vulnerability to Alzheimer’s?), bind to DNA, and interfere with neuronal membrane function. Aluminum has not yet been subjected to safety trials yet finds its way into injectable vaccines (and our food suuply). Merck even included aluminum in 91.5% of the injectable "placebo" formulation in its study. Such sloppy methodology easily suggests a concerted attempt at manipulating the study to produce a favorable outcome, at least with the side effect profile.

Gardasil contains Polysorbate-80, which has been linked to infertility in mice. Gardasil contains sodium borate, which kills roaches. 5 cases of birth defects have been reported wherein vaccination occurred within one month of the time of pregnancy. Merck denies any connection but the evidence warrants further monitoring. Gardasil has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity.

HPV is entirely avoidable through following certain behaviors. It’s only passed around by way of sexual contact. Gardasil is an expensive, poorly tested, unproven vaccine (at preventing cervical cancer) being touted to fend off an easily preventable disease that seldom kills and most often resolves on its own. The slow and insidious onset of cervical cancer mandates that it will take decades to make reasoned conclusions on whether or not Gardasil’s ability to prevent certain HPV infections translates into marked reduction in cases of cervical cancer.

Are America’s young daughters being called upon by Merck to be the fiscal antidote to Merck’s Vioxx fiasco? Has Merck pumped millions of dollars into the pockets of state officials to have Gardasil added to the list of routine vaccinations required for public school attendance? (Merck would not be held liable for any adverse reactions secondary to Gardasil if they can get it included on state government lists for required vaccinations for entrance into school per the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986). Would the pro-Gardasil politicians and media outlets please start publicizing any recent donations from Merck, or the lack thereof, to save use all time and energy from digging the information out on our own?

Perhaps one day indole-3-carbinol (I3C), an antiestrogenic phytonutrient with potential for combating HPV-induced growths in the cervix, will be a widely used preventive measure.

Suicide Bombing for Dummies

Chapters that will never make for that black and yellow book on suicide bombing.

1. Why leaders of Islam encourage other Muslims to be suicide bombers without doing it themselves.

2. Why suicide bombers never report back on the virgins benefit.

3. Mohammad's track record for reliability and credibility.

4. Which Jesus did Mohammad say was a prophet?

5. Why Allah won't visit Mecca

6. What it's like to be an illiterate prophet.

7. Mohammad's wife Aisha ? Really less than 9 years old?