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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Anna Nicole and Britney

In Anna Nicole Smith's and Britney Spears' niche markets--porn and pop idolity, respectively, these two sought-after objects of the paparazzi achieved the pinnacle of success and enjoy(ed) all the bling that goes with it. Both have/had a history of recent struggles with recreational drug use, and in the case of Britney, the struggle is apparently ever present.

These two are wonderful examples for those wandering the planet today believing commercial and/or business success, and the vain platitudes from others, is the path of deliverance from unfulfillment and restlessness on multiple levels. Many don't learn from history, recent or past, and plod along hoping to achieve happiness in a world well-known for failing to delivering what its muses promise.

Stanton Dismissal Sparks Debate

Largo, Florida city manager Steve Stanton, 48, was fired recently amidst his declaration of intentions to undergo "sex change" surgery and to resume life as a "female"-- changing his name to Susan Stanton. As one would expect there were arden supporters and staunch detractors of his decision. The usual terms "discrimination," "intolerance" and "judgmental" surfaced often in articles related to the event.

Pseudoregenderism (One can't truly change sexes -- see: gland, prostate) is a result of the choice not to acknowledge the reality of sin nor to engage the subsequent war to overcome it. Stanton is taking the mantle of victim and hoping for both his surgery and reinstatement of his job. Society will look to his 13-year-old son and wife as the unfortunate ones needing therapy for failing to embrace and rejoice in Stanton's hopes and dreams.

There will never be d├ętente between Christians and non-Christians on this matter, and many others.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Banks' Transsexuals

Tyra Banks had two forlorn transsexuals on her show today to talk about their pre- and post- sex change experiences. What was clearly evident in both cases was the state of misery prior to the change and the lack of joy in their demeanor post-sex change. It was somewhat reminiscent of the Britney Spears parade of recent weeks--extravagant attempts at altering one's state of mind and appearance to achieve some uncertain benefit, apart from any promise of deliverance from some unnamed demon.

As expected, the two transsexuals appealed for acceptance and understanding as they sought happiness. Certainly though they weren't happy having jumped through all these surgical and hormonal hoops. The failure to correct the underlying problem is evidence that the "fix" was flawed at the outset.

I'm content with my male gender any would not be any less satisfied if I lived in a community that was 99% transsexual. That doesn't mean I'd like to experience such an existence but to point out there's not a need to convince the masses of a need to be understood and accepted in order to shed some sources of dissatisfaction.

Transsexuals need conversion not manmade, partial and subpar sexual reassignment. It's unfortunate that such drastic measures are taken by some only to achieve unfulling results.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Autism Now Afflicting 1 out of 150

Recently the CDC reported autism now afflicts 1 out of 150 kids, up from 1 per ten thousand just decades ago. Unfortunately environmental insults, including mercury toxicity, are removed from the list of possible causative factors, leaving health professionals to fight a losing battle. Granted the genetic component is involved but dismissing mercury toxicity speaks of protecting oneself from liability at the expense of hundreds of thousands of children. As stated in this article, a major national study found "no evidence" linking thimerosal (i.e. mercury) as causing autism. It seems like when it comes to interpreting available data associated with any controversial health issue it's phraseology such as "no evidence," instead of "weak evidence," "slight evidence" or other less pejorative descriptions, used to slam the door into probing the impact of legitimate evidence. Whenever scientific journal authors or prestigious medical entities such as the CDC use such absolute language (i.e. "no evidence") suspect the opposite. Such political rhetoric seeping into medical literature usually implies there are fiscal and/or political consequences for not hiding painful and embarrassing truths. If kids are part of the collateral damage such is the downside in the business of "helping others."

I guess the fact that the rate of autism in the Amish (who don't vaccinate their children), being markedly less than that of the general public, constitutes "no evidence." And Dr. Amy Holmes's success in chelating autistic children constitutes "no evidence." And the fact high levels of mercury are often found in the urine of autistic children, equals "no evidence." The success of the Pfeiffer Treatment Center, through its addressing of metallothionein dysfunction, also constitutes "no evidence."

A lot of the thimerosal has been eliminated from childhood vaccines dating back to the late 90s, which is a start. However it remains to be seen if the impact of the tons of mercury being poured into the air by way of coal-fired power plants has any parallel trend with new-onset autism rates. Infants and toddlers with incomplete blood-brain barriers comprise a large, uncontrolled population in the study of mercury poisoning within the central nervous system (which includes the brain) thanks to a complicit society.

And it's highly unlikely these probable contributing factors stand alone. Even ultrasounds are now under investigation. The MMR vaccine (measles-mumps-rubella) too has been linked with causing autism. British gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been instrumental in explaining this link. As one would expect, there's no shortage of experts citing "no evidence" between MMR vaccine and autism. These same experts are quick to allude to a study in Denmark. They're much less likely to respond to Dr. F.E. Yazbak's list of problems with this Danish study. If you have a child scheduled for an MMR vaccine, print Yazbak's article and have your pediatrician refute it with sound scientific argument. If he won't address it ask him how in the world he could pump these 3 vaccines at once into your child.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

John Amaechi Stirs the Pot

Former journeyman NBA forward-center John Amaechi, 36, has professed publicly that he's homosexual and is preparing to be more active in promoting the legitimization of his sexual preference.. Because of his former high profile job his story is making waves in the media. As one might expect, the media has conducted several interviews for those in support of both his sexual preference and his decision to go public with the news. This always puts "homophobes" back in the spotlight as recalcitrant, misguided bigots.

It's not likely the pro-homosexual community will sway homophobes into a new way of thinking because of Amechi's declaration nor is it likely the converse will take place. What may be helpful though is to reframe the debate and see that only workings of the Triune God and His love of His saints stand a chance to make a difference.

The pro-homosexual community typically argues that "homophobes" are closed-minded and in need of "reparation therapy" to help rid themselves of their hostile, bigotted thoughts and actions. Christophiles would say if homosexuals were consistent they would congratulate "homophobes" for remaining open-minded and committed to their beliefs and for rejecting reparation therapy knowing once a homophobe, always a homophobe (i.e. the I-was-born-this-way argument).

America is becoming more tolerant of homosexuality for a number of reasons. Americans more and more are justifying their own particular sins and as such find it hypocritical to condemn someone else for practicing their sins. With sin becoming more commonly accepted people refrain from opposing it publicly because people want to be liked. Moreover, the homosexual community is a defined voting block coveted by both major political parties. This is why HIV+ garners more media attention than say chronic Lymes Disease or autism.

Just because someone has a lengthy history of having same sex attraction doesn't mean it's acceptable behavior. If a married person finds themself attracted to another person does that mean they were born an adulterer and should divorce to accommodate their rediscovered natural desires?

John Amaechi's 15 minutes of fame will go the way of Esera Tualo's and Greg Louganis'. (Who? Try google). The media will strive mightily to make it 16 minutes.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Measles Kills How Often?

What are the odds your child will die if he skipped the measles part of the MMR vaccine? Consider these two graphs (graph 1; graph 2) and then take a stab at it. Then ask yourself why the CDC informs your pediatrician the odds of your child dying from measles is 1:1000 (equiv to 100 per 100,000) if he or she goes unvaccinated.

Is the CDC incompetent? Why won't the CDC revise its advice to reflect the statistical record? Why did vaccine makers choose to address a marginal, self-limiting problem?