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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Part of God's Plan

Let's say you're asked to hold hands for 15 minutes with millions of other folks, because that's what it will take to complete a plan. You're not sure what the outcome will be you only know you have to hold hands with two of the millions of involved people for 15 minutes. When the 15 minutes are over you're promised good things; things so good you can't even conceive their worth. Would it be worth it? You'll have little noteriety because you're just one of millions participating. You'll be inconvenienced but just for 15 minutes.

Now what if the same deal was offered but your participation required 30 minutes? Same deal but your requirement is a whole day? How about a whole lifetime?

The latter example is such the life of a Christian. We're told to follow a path and a Person, and to exercise our gifts in the process. In the end we receive the promised incomprehensible blessings. Our role is small in comparison to the cummulative work of all believers yet nonetheless it's still mandated and deemed critical.

Our purpose in life needs to be understood to be serious and important despite the fact we're small players. If our focus is on the measure or result of our work we're guarantedd disappointment and a lack of fulfillment.