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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Conflict

The hostility towards Jesus Christ and Christmas is ever-growing in America as its post-Christian history continues to unfold. The media is beside itself when a politician uses the C-word during its campaign. Even though it's most likely lip service it's still disturbing to the unbelieving press when the corridors of humanism are defiled with calls of "Merry Christmas."
Plenty is said of the angst-filled experience of the commercial aspects of the Christmas season. Gifts, wrapping, parties, debit cards a flutter all compete for a piece of our peace. It's certainly telling how this one birth among multiplied billions brings both joy and consternation on an annual basis.
God's kingdom is here and awaiting it's fullest manifestation at the Second Coming of Christ. Man's kingdom and all of its ignimony is here and its citizenry is certainly piqued by the historical fact of the First Coming. While choirs singing Away in a Manger bring a measure of irking to man's kingdom the Babe born in the manger is the icicle on the irking.
As one contemplates the notion to not have high expectations from anti-Christian forces it becomes easier to have joy amidst the brouhaha boiling in man's kingdom. Go ahead and deck the halls, pray without ceasing, behold the Lamb, it's Christmastime!


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