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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oh, the Cruelty When You Mess Up

Last Saturday's improbable upset of the Michigan Wolverines by the Mountaineers of Appalachian State, 34-32, was a college football game that will not be soon forgotten. With the home team Michigan being ranked #5 in the nation in preseason polls and Appalachian State being a Division II team, this was for all practical purposes one of those games booked to get the boosters geeked, the home team tuned, the visitors blinged and the Michigan coeds reason to get inebriated and violate one another.

Appalachian State instead opted to win the game and disrupt the itinerary for a few hundred thousand people. With Michigan having a few Heisman hopefuls they'll now be forever remembered as the guys that lost to Appalachian State. Another former Michiganee, Chris Webber, suffered a like embarrassment in 1993, when he called a time out in the NCAA Men's Basketball national championship game when his team was out of said time outs. Of course no one talks about that but only his exploits in the NBA and those NBA teams, the names of which escape me at this time.

With the national press stacked against them it will be interesting to see how these Wolverines respond to the reliving of the memory in the decades to come. Perhaps Ernest Byner and Bill Buckner have some advice for the lads.


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