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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Only 64 Months Until the 2012 Election

For the first time in modern American history the campaign for president and the media coverage of it has ramped up "way ahead of schedule." One gets the feeling that Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Ron Paul, Romney, Rudy and McCain have had ample opportunity to get their message, and more importantly, their www-dot whatever, out to the masses. If you don't already know enough to cast a vote you're probably hanging out with Michael Vick too often.

The media can only be giddy about America's taking a liking to empire-like characteristics--it provides adequate fodder for continual big news in the absence of a good national disaster, school shooting, celebrity death or other ratings grabber, generally needed to fill the void. If the state truly served the people and followed the constitution, politicians and politics would be a lot less newsworthy.


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