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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Julienne Irwin

America's Got Talent , another reality show currently running, has a 14-year-old, humble, modest and polite vocalist--Julienne Irwin--making a serious run at the title. Granted, it's TV and the goal is viewership, not finding America's most talented person, but this girl can really sing. I suspect she'll have contracts at her feet soon if she doesn't have offers already.

Interestingly in the semi-final round tonight Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy's wife) told Julienne after her number that in addition to being a great singer she's a great role model. Husband Ozzy was always a role model, but many would argue what values he modeled. Host Jerry Springer told Julienne to keep a level head. Had Springer kept a level head he never would have taken the Jerry Springer Show to the air.


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