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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Local Pastor and Wife Taking a Press Beating

A local (Tampa, FL) husband and wife pastor team with a large nondenominational church and television "ministry" have been the brunt of several articles recently in the Tampa Tribune (some of the articles linked below). In the editorial section today were multiple articles related to the topic, most of which were by writers piling on the husband and wife team. One reader writing in their defense noted the wealth of ministries the couple have launched and the people helped in the process.

Where there's smoke there's usually fire. In spite of the people helped pastors are held by God to a higher standard than are sheep and if even one of the more serious allegations are true it should call into question their qualifications to continue as ministers, regardless of the good they've overseen through the years.

One can't rule out a sort of triangulation manuever here by this husband and wife duo--give away one dollar, help one person, take 2 dollars, destroy 2 people. The common thread in most of the allegations reported related to the bilking of members (see: bling, less) in one way or another. It will be interesting to see if this team skates through this controversy or not.

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