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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cho, Personal Liability and State Bloatedness

The state of Florida wants 24 million to make the state universities safer from future Cho-like brutalities. They won't get the money but if they do it will be money well-wasted. A fool will usually accomplish his task no matter the barriers set up to prevent such.

God commanded the owner of a pit to cover it (Exodus 21:33-34) to prevent animals from falling in it. God commanded a man build a barrier on his roof to keep visitors from accidentally falling off of it (Deuteronomy 22:8). In both cases man is compelled to act reasonably to prevent accidents, not to prevent premeditated, law-breaking acts--violent or otherwise.

For the state to demand greater "protections" by property owners than that which exceeds the prevention of accidents, is to deny God and arrogate unauthorized authority to ones' self. Man is not to add to that which God commands or permits yet man does that because his sin natures lures him into the trap. Ultimately state mandates to prevent the unpreventable furthers the power and bloatedness of the state and robs individuals of property rights...


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