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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Televangelists Create Work for the Church

"Christian TV" has a common thread--trot out televangelists and telepreachers that overemphasize the benefits of the Christian life to the believer as a means for marketing their ministries. And this of course assumes these televangelists and telepreachers are Christian to begin with. A lot of the theology spewed by these “giants” is outright wrong, or at best distorted.
America will one day be remembered as a nation consumed with self-interest ala Madonna, aka "The Material Girl." The Lord's Prayer focuses one on God, His kingdom, His will (not ours), that His name is to be hallowed, on forgiveness, on temptations, and on daily bread. There’s nothing seeker-sensitive in this model prayer. A televangelist's teaching on prayer often centers on telling God what you need, speak it into existence, and to send them your money to catalyze the whole reaction.

In a court of law the celebrities are the judge, the attorneys and the defendant. The unheralded weight and mass characters are the witnesses and the jurors. The judge and attorneys do not want witnesses uttering anything other than statements of facts related to their questions. If a witness has a lesson to share or a theory to unravel they will be asked to keep it to themselves.

Christians are the Triune God's witnesses and fulfill the Great Commission mandate by acting in like manner to the witnesses in courts. Televangelists aren't often content being witnesses. The notoriety inherent to God the judge and Jesus Christ the attorney for the accused is too tempting a position of fame not easily left unshared. As such they depart from God's decree to be witnesses and arrogate to themselves illegitimate and false authority, imparting their defective thinking and actions in the process. The unfortunate recipient lambs often spend a lifetime floundering in the pig trough of life as a result.


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