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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Splenda Damage Control

If one attempts to access "websites" orangessuck.net, orangestoxicity.com or orangespoison.com they will not pull up a web page. If you type in web addresses splendasucks.net, splendatoxicity.com or sucralosepoison.com you will not pull up those web pages either.

With the oranges-related sites you don't access them likely because there's no consumer sentiment that oranges suck, are toxic or poisonous. However, it seems the manufacturer (Tate & Lyle) and co-developer (Johnson & Johnson) of Splenda have a legitimate fear of backlash from consumers as the two corporate entities found it prudent to purchase hundreds of potentially profit-killing web site domain names-- many listed here to prevent adverse publicity. Dr. Janet Starr Hull's splendaexposed.com site is one Johnson & Johnson hope you never google.

It's unfortunate Splenda was allowed into the food supply when less than 40 people were studied for 4 days, looking at tooth decay, prior to its FDA approval on April 1, 1998. Such shoddy science and oversight prohibits a tangible assessment of what damage Splenda actually does to the body once it's absorbed (11-27% absorption per the FDA, despite Splenda's claim that it's not absorbed).



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