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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

GEICO Throws its Support to Creationism

Television commercials polarize, usually to one pole more often than the other. When VCRs and Beta hit the market years ago people rejoiced at the opportunity to tape their favorite programs so they could fast forward through the commercials at a later time.

Occasionally there are commercials that are fun to watch. The Super Bowl has a lengthy history of featuring good commercials, although they've slipped in recent years. ESPN produces some good commercials, many with its own homer desk jocks in principal roles. Of late, I've enjoyed GEICO's commercials featuring cavemen. The producers cast the caveguys as the objects of ridicule and of lesser intelligence.

What if these commercials substituted American Indians, Polacks or the minority de jour in place of the cavepeople? The outrage of the public would have led GEICO to pull the spots without hesitation. What's the difference between what they did and what was theorized here? The difference is that cavemen are deep down inside known to be figments of the National Education Association's imagination while the latter are real live minorities. When caveguys are spoofed it's cartoonish and funny.

GEICO has shown evolution to be a farce by failing to elicit angst from nary a television viewer. GEICO has essentially lobbed a grenade into the shorts of Stephen Hawking and other evolutionist-minded neocaveites! Creationists don't need GEICO's help in defending creationism but having their cavefolk commercials running without the wailing of some special interest group is certainly refreshing.


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