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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stanton Dismissal Sparks Debate

Largo, Florida city manager Steve Stanton, 48, was fired recently amidst his declaration of intentions to undergo "sex change" surgery and to resume life as a "female"-- changing his name to Susan Stanton. As one would expect there were arden supporters and staunch detractors of his decision. The usual terms "discrimination," "intolerance" and "judgmental" surfaced often in articles related to the event.

Pseudoregenderism (One can't truly change sexes -- see: gland, prostate) is a result of the choice not to acknowledge the reality of sin nor to engage the subsequent war to overcome it. Stanton is taking the mantle of victim and hoping for both his surgery and reinstatement of his job. Society will look to his 13-year-old son and wife as the unfortunate ones needing therapy for failing to embrace and rejoice in Stanton's hopes and dreams.

There will never be d├ętente between Christians and non-Christians on this matter, and many others.


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