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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Banks' Transsexuals

Tyra Banks had two forlorn transsexuals on her show today to talk about their pre- and post- sex change experiences. What was clearly evident in both cases was the state of misery prior to the change and the lack of joy in their demeanor post-sex change. It was somewhat reminiscent of the Britney Spears parade of recent weeks--extravagant attempts at altering one's state of mind and appearance to achieve some uncertain benefit, apart from any promise of deliverance from some unnamed demon.

As expected, the two transsexuals appealed for acceptance and understanding as they sought happiness. Certainly though they weren't happy having jumped through all these surgical and hormonal hoops. The failure to correct the underlying problem is evidence that the "fix" was flawed at the outset.

I'm content with my male gender any would not be any less satisfied if I lived in a community that was 99% transsexual. That doesn't mean I'd like to experience such an existence but to point out there's not a need to convince the masses of a need to be understood and accepted in order to shed some sources of dissatisfaction.

Transsexuals need conversion not manmade, partial and subpar sexual reassignment. It's unfortunate that such drastic measures are taken by some only to achieve unfulling results.


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