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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Autism Now Afflicting 1 out of 150

Recently the CDC reported autism now afflicts 1 out of 150 kids, up from 1 per ten thousand just decades ago. Unfortunately environmental insults, including mercury toxicity, are removed from the list of possible causative factors, leaving health professionals to fight a losing battle. Granted the genetic component is involved but dismissing mercury toxicity speaks of protecting oneself from liability at the expense of hundreds of thousands of children. As stated in this article, a major national study found "no evidence" linking thimerosal (i.e. mercury) as causing autism. It seems like when it comes to interpreting available data associated with any controversial health issue it's phraseology such as "no evidence," instead of "weak evidence," "slight evidence" or other less pejorative descriptions, used to slam the door into probing the impact of legitimate evidence. Whenever scientific journal authors or prestigious medical entities such as the CDC use such absolute language (i.e. "no evidence") suspect the opposite. Such political rhetoric seeping into medical literature usually implies there are fiscal and/or political consequences for not hiding painful and embarrassing truths. If kids are part of the collateral damage such is the downside in the business of "helping others."

I guess the fact that the rate of autism in the Amish (who don't vaccinate their children), being markedly less than that of the general public, constitutes "no evidence." And Dr. Amy Holmes's success in chelating autistic children constitutes "no evidence." And the fact high levels of mercury are often found in the urine of autistic children, equals "no evidence." The success of the Pfeiffer Treatment Center, through its addressing of metallothionein dysfunction, also constitutes "no evidence."

A lot of the thimerosal has been eliminated from childhood vaccines dating back to the late 90s, which is a start. However it remains to be seen if the impact of the tons of mercury being poured into the air by way of coal-fired power plants has any parallel trend with new-onset autism rates. Infants and toddlers with incomplete blood-brain barriers comprise a large, uncontrolled population in the study of mercury poisoning within the central nervous system (which includes the brain) thanks to a complicit society.

And it's highly unlikely these probable contributing factors stand alone. Even ultrasounds are now under investigation. The MMR vaccine (measles-mumps-rubella) too has been linked with causing autism. British gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been instrumental in explaining this link. As one would expect, there's no shortage of experts citing "no evidence" between MMR vaccine and autism. These same experts are quick to allude to a study in Denmark. They're much less likely to respond to Dr. F.E. Yazbak's list of problems with this Danish study. If you have a child scheduled for an MMR vaccine, print Yazbak's article and have your pediatrician refute it with sound scientific argument. If he won't address it ask him how in the world he could pump these 3 vaccines at once into your child.

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